PM Update – September 3rd at 6:00pm

Street Cleaning – Neighborhoods S. of Hagerson

The HOA will be making an initial pass for street cleaning overnight. If you are able, please move your cars into your driveway so that street sweepers can come through.

Volunteers & Traffic Reminder

So many thanks to the hundreds of community volunteers who worked to help the residents in need. There is still much work to be done, and we anticipate many volunteers tomorrow, as well. If you are in communication with volunteer groups, please ask them to park offsite and carpool so that residents can get their personal vehicles in.

Flood Debris

We do not yet have an estimated date of debris pickup from the County/FEMA, but the HOA is working to get roll-off dumpsters within the affected neighborhoods. Remember, please place debris between the curb and sidewalk.

Mid-Day Update – September 3rd at Noon

Heavy Congestion South of Hagerson

All neighborhoods south of Hagerson are experiencing heavy road congestion. PLEASE cooperate with local law enforcement officers attempting to coordinate traffic – all streets must be sufficiently clear to accommodate emergency vehicles, so neighborhood entrances may be closed at times. Please park on LJ Parkway, and offices will signal when additional cars may enter.

If you have volunteers coming to assist you, please ask them to park on LJ and walk in – as we are trying to accommodate as many resident vehicles as possible.

Public Safety

Please take care in walking through or making contact with any standing water — wear boots, gloves, and safety masks when possible! All floodwater and standing water can pose various risks, including infectious diseases, chemical hazards and injuries.


Initial spraying commenced this morning. The LIDs will continue efforts.

Street Cleaning

The HOA is working to find street sweeping crews and equipment.


Reminder – FEMA/Fort Bend County will not pick up debris past the sidewalk. Please do your best to place debris between the curb and the sidewalk.

Afternoon Update – September 2nd at 2:00pm

Steep Bank Creek

As many of you have returned to the community, you have likely seen that the drainage at Steep Bank Creek has improved significantly. Based on current estimates, we believe all areas may be accessible sometime tomorrow!


So many thanks to the numerous volunteers and donations. Keep the donations coming (especially the priority needs in the previous post) – they are so appreciated by everyone. We are especially in need of masks. If you have already picked up supplies, and there is still something you still need – you *might* be able to come back to the Rec Center, as the stock of supplies changes every hour.

Again, please remember to be safe and stay hydrated as you work!


Fort Bend County and FEMA are aware of the debris pickup needs in Riverstone. At this time, we do not have exact pickup dates, but please remember to place debris BETWEEN the curb and the sidewalk. They cannot pickup past the sidewalk from your private property.


The LIDs are working on a 4-phase mosquito abatement plan today. We hope to start the initial phases of fogging and larvicide overnight tonight! Please know that mosquito control is very difficult – especially given the widespread water accumulation. However, we’re tackling it head on, and will do our best to improve the situation as much as we can over the coming days and weeks. In the meantime, please remember to protect yourselves with appropriate insect repellent!