Debris Haul – First Pass TOMORROW (Thursday)

The first pass of debris removal is scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday). Please move cars out of the neighborhood streets. Remember, the first pass will only pick up certain type of debris (tentatively household construction material). The County will come back to pick up additional types of debris in subsequent passes.

Do Not Place Debris in Trash Bags

From Fort Bend County: DO NOT PLACE DEBRIS IN TRASH BAGS. Flood debris and household trash are collected and processed differently.

Please visit the County OEM page (including a short video) at:

Also, please try to move cars into driveways to allow access for the debris trucks and street sweepers.

PM Update – September 3rd at 6:00pm

Street Cleaning – Neighborhoods S. of Hagerson

The HOA will be making an initial pass for street cleaning overnight. If you are able, please move your cars into your driveway so that street sweepers can come through.

Volunteers & Traffic Reminder

So many thanks to the hundreds of community volunteers who worked to help the residents in need. There is still much work to be done, and we anticipate many volunteers tomorrow, as well. If you are in communication with volunteer groups, please ask them to park offsite and carpool so that residents can get their personal vehicles in.

Flood Debris

We do not yet have an estimated date of debris pickup from the County/FEMA, but the HOA is working to get roll-off dumpsters within the affected neighborhoods. Remember, please place debris between the curb and sidewalk.