Reports of Street Ponding

The LIDs’ operator and HOA have received several calls from residents regarding ponding in the streets due to rainfall on and after Sunday, December 2. These reports of street ponding appear to be localized to sections within LID 15 with ongoing home construction activity.

The LIDs’ engineers have explained that temporary street ponding is expected during intense rainfall over short durations. The engineer has received reports that the heaviest rainfall on Sunday, December 2, was approximately 2 inches over 30 minutes. Under those heavy rainfall conditions, temporary street ponding would not be unusual, and that the water should recede once the rain slows or stops.

In the areas impacted during this week’s recent rain events, construction debris or siltation controls may have inhibited the storm sewer system from working at its full capacity. The operator for MUD 128 (as owner of the storm sewer system) is inspecting the storm sewer systems in these areas to confirm they are clear of construction debris or any blockage.

If you are seeing ponded water in the streets that does not recede after the rain has stopped or slowed, please make a note of the location (and take a photo if possible) and let us know through the website (Contact Us tab above). The LIDs will do their best to investigate it promptly, or communicate the issue to the appropriate MUD operators as soon as possible.